Palliative Care 

It would be a privilege to help support you whilst going through your Cancer journey. You may be frightened about what the future holds, you may feel shocked, angry or have anxiety or depression which may cause physical and emotional problems. I am a fully trained practitioner for palliative care certified by the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine and my training has given me an understanding of the many ups and downs of dealing with cancer on a day to day basis. Along with the pleasure and honour of working with many clients with cancer, especially my own father and a dear friend. 
Taking care of your wellbeing, having regular physical activity, and eating a healthy diet has many health benefits, along with complementary treatments helping you to improve your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. 
60 mins - from £50 
Complementary therapies, such as aromatherapy, massage therapy, and reflexology provide psychological, emotional and spiritual support. With my cancer care training you can relax in the knowledge that you are completely safe and that I aim to take into account all of your individual needs and make your treatment as pleasurable as possible. 
Massage involves working on the body’s soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons by using the hands to stretch and apply pressure. This action can soothe stiffness in joints and muscles and help the flow of lymph fluid and blood. Massage can help with relaxation, getting to sleep, pain, muscle stiffness, breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue, or if you just need something to lift your mood or help you cope with side affects 
Aromatherapy uses essential oils from fragrant plants, flowers, seeds and bark to stimulate the senses and help healing. Essential oils are mixed with a base oil to be used in massage. 
Reiki is perhaps the most commonly known type of healing. You can either sit or lie down, fully clothed, whilst I place my hands above or on certain parts of the your body where I believe energy are blocked. 
Reflexology involves stimulating the nerve endings in the feet and sometimes hands. Different areas of the feet correspond to different areas of the body, and by treating these areas of the feet and face with precise finger pressure, the related parts of the body can be healed. 
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