Treatments for the body 
All treatments are carried out with a warm, soft lighted environment with relaxing music while lying on a warm heated massage bed to enhance your treatment experience and is perfect for anyone looking to unwind. 
for the body 
All treatments are carried out with a warm, soft lighted environment with relaxing music while lying on a warm heated massage bed to enhance your treatment experience and is perfect for anyone looking to unwind. 
Body Treatments  
A wide range of body treatments are on offer at Linden Therapies from aromatherapy massages, to pregnancy massages, to body scrubs and pedcures. All body therapies will improve skin tone, help the release of toxins and improve lymphatic drainage. Whether you need a full boy polish or a relaxing massage there is something for everyone. 
Deep Tissue Massage 
60 mins from £75 
Holistic Massage 
60 mins from £70 
Hot Stones 
60 mins from £70 
Signature Linden Bespoke Holistic Aromatherapy Massage 
90 mins from £95 
Thai Herbal 
Compresses Masssage 
60 mins from £70 
Thai Herbal 
Compresses £70 
Pregnancy Massage 
60 mins from £70 
Post Natal Massage 
60 mins from £70 
Full Body Polish & Scrub 
90 mins from £95 
Prescriptive Pedicure 
60 mins from £50 
Indian Head Massage 
60 mins from £55 
Full Body Polish 
Ultimate Body Polish & Scrub 
A full top to toe luxury treatment. The polish and scrub stimulates, exfoliates, nourishes and rejuvenates the whole body. The body is brushed, exfoliated, showered and massaged using organic oils and mositurisers from Neal's Yard Remedies. 
90 mins - £95 
Pregnancy and Post Natal Massages 
Mums to-be Massage 
using Neal's Yard Products 
A pampering massage using 100% organic, vitamin-rich almond and wheatgerm oil and a gorgeous Mother's body balm to nourish, smooth help maintain and boost elasticity and help prevent stretch marks.  
60 mins - from £70 
Mums to-be Foot Treatment 
A reflexology session to help prepare Mums to-be for baby's arrival. It is an an excellent method to create a balanced mind, body & spirit. A natural non-invasive treatment to promote relaxation. It can help the body adjust to the hormonal changes that are taking place.  
60 mins - from £70 
Please note the above treatments are recommended after the first trimester of pregnancy. 
Post Natal Massage 
This treatment will help to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and revitalise skin texture.  
60 mins - £60 
A totally prescriptive treatment, essential foot treatment, featuring trimming,filing, nail buffing, cuticle work and hard skin removal. Using natural products throughout the pedicure. 
60 mins - £50 
Volcanic Hot Stone Massage 
Hot stone massage combines relaxing warmth to encourage the body to detox and heal. It can help increase lymph flow. The heat relaxes the body in a short space of time so focus can be made on deep working of the tissues using both hot basalt stones and hand strokes. It can boost circulation, recharge energy levels and release stored tension. 
60 mins - From £70 
Signature Linden Bespoke Holistic Aromatherapy Massage 
This is designed to be a longer treatment as the selection of the organic essential oils are made in consulation with the client. The oils are expertly blended and then used in the massage makng this a special experience and a massage totally tailored to your needs on that day. 
A range of techniques will be used to encourage healing to the physical body and assist the body's energies. Complete relaxation to leave you feeling calm, balanced, deeply relaxed and ready to face the world again.  
Optional Australian Bush Flower remedy can be prescribed at the end of the treatment, at additional cost to support your on-going healing after your treatment. 
90 mins- From £95 
Thai Herbal Compress Massage 
This ancient Thai herbal therapy is designed to relieve to pain and inflammation. A selection of therapeutic herbs wrapped in a natural muslin compress are steamed and then gently applied to the body. This then soothes muscular aches as well as inducing deep relaxation, improving circulation of the blood and boosts emotional and physical well being.  
A truly intensely relaxing and energising restorative treatment. 
60 mins - From £70 
Deep Tissue Massage 
The focus of a deep tissue massage are on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. This type of massage can relieve chronic muscle tension. It can be used to treat injuries and is effective on major muscle groups like the neck and lower back. 
60 mins - From £75 
Indian Head Massage 
This ancient art has been practiced for many hundreds of years throughout India. Both relaxing and energising, this massage treatment targets the head and upper body areas, reduces stress, prevents headaches and sinusitis and improves circulation and the condition of the hair. 
60 mins - From £55 
"The most amazing  
treatment today!" 
Sarah - Jane 
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